Samuel Maclure as Artist

From his early days, Samuel Maclure had shown skill in the artistic field. His watercolours are avidly sought today. The scenes are executed with draftsmanlike precision, then blurred in an Impressionistic manner. Maclure must have spent many hours along the Dallas Road waterfront as his most famous works are of the scenery to be seen in this area. Windswept trees, the distant Olympic mountains, the unpredictable Straits of Juan de Fuca, and sunsets are all featured. In recent years, these works have become highly collectible, with their values rising. Most of these works are small in size. Originally framed with cedar as a backing material, they must now be reframed with museum quality mattings and frames to prevent further acid damage.

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has Maclure watercolours in its permanent collection.