Current Projects

I have been preparing Statements of Significance for private clients for the past fifteen years. It is always interesting to me to discover the stories behind the buildings. I also assist with heritage projects, giving advice on how to do the work properly.

For the past 15 years, I have been tracing my family history. It started when my father wanted to know more about his grandfather and it has become almost an obsession to find out more about the interesting folks I am descended from. I have had three different DNA tests completed and am now actively searching for matches.

I have begun a new career as a researcher for a firm that looks for heirs to estates. I get to visit archives and newspaper archives and get paid to do so. I almost always have something of my own to do at the same time so I make the best use of my time.

I presented the story of my father-in-law’s service in World War 1 to the Western Front Alliance Spring seminar a couple of years ago. It was well received and I will be presenting the story to other groups in the next few years. I hope to digitize his journals and the photos that accompany them—most dating from 1910 to 1930.

I have been writing articles on heritage for 35 years with articles published in diverse publications including Preserve, the Hallmark Heritage Society’s newsletter; Heritage (the magazine for Heritage Canada), Heritage BC and genealogy newsletters. For eight years, I wrote a regular column in the Moss Rock Review, the neighbourhood magazine for Fairfield. The Heritage Detective investigated a different property each month, bringing the story to a wider audience. I used to write on heritage for the Rockland Neighbourhood Association newsletter with a view to bringing the heritage message to this exclusive area. I am still researching and writing about heritage and am seeking an outlet to get my articles out to the general public. I continue to write about genealogy and hockey history and will get articles published wherever I can.

My book on the history of professional hockey in Victoria will be published sometime before 2025, the centennial of the first—and only—time that Victoria won the Stanley Cup. Follow the progress on my hockey research through my blog at If you can help with any information on professional hockey in Victoria please contact me using the form on the Contact page. Any and all contributions will be acknowledged in the book.